воскресенье, 9 сентября 2012 г.

Свадьба Виктории и Сергея

Sussie M_"Moments to treasure", Emka_"Blessed moment", WendyP_"Wings Of  Love", Yalana Designs_"When Two Become One", Verena Designs_"RomanticPassion", Sekada Designs_"Wedding Day", florju_"wedding day", Bee_"heavenly", Celinoa's Designs_"Mariage D'Antan", e-lena_Designs_"Our Hearts", kimla_"One Beautiful Day", Delph_"be_you_tiful", Becca_"Ashtons Romance", Natali_"paint autumn", Sekada_"The Last Day Of  Summer", Saphira_"Autumn Blessings ", Natali design_"Apple  time", Lilibule_"Autumn", Florju_"Apple time", A5D collab_"Especially ForYou", Dilo_"temporelle",
Dydyge_"love memory", Emeto_"Like A Poem", Fanette_"Let The Memory Live Again", Fanette_"Joyful Spring", Florju Designs_"Fleur Et Gourmandise", Lady papillon_"deep blue", Lau Designs_"Music Of Flowers", Lilas Designs_"Hydrangeas fragrance", Lilas_"Never-mind", Lilas_"sunny day", Lilas_"Yesteryear-memories", Lilas_"Shiny Season", Lilas & Mel_"Lovintage", Lilas Design_"Once upon a flower", Lilas_"Eloise", Natali_"lost in blossoms", Natali_"Romance", Natali_"Chic", Natali_"Ordinary", NLD_"The Beautiful Moments", Palvinka Designs_"Key To Happiness", Paprika_"Family Memories", Raspberry Road Designs_"Circle Of Friends", Sekada designs_"color of the sun", Thaliris_"close your eyes",